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Best Windows Azure  training programme

For quite some time now, Techrepack has been striking the right chords for a variety of appreciable reasons; one that stands out is inclusion of Windows Azure training to its training curriculum. Well, in deed, Windows Azure is the one stop destination for cloud computing, which falls in the lap of Microsoft only to streamline the whole process of maintenance and to plummet the graft of costs associated with it.

More so the immanent trait of Windows Azure is that it simplifies the process of administration by making use of OS and DB services which is a huge sigh of relief for programming nerds

Considering the need and the rate at which Azure is spreading its wings on the cloud computing, so much so that almost every company has shifted to deploying code on cloud, thus making it more ostentatious.

Considering the need and demand for Windows Azure, We at Techrepack have dug deep into the newbie so as to postulate our training structure that is well off the clichéd training,  We implant the knowledge required to plan, build, test and deploy plethora of applications on Windows AZURE using Visual Studio.

Here is the complete course structure of Windows Azure:-
Getting Started with Windows Azure 

Cloud Computing – an overview
Benefits of Cloud Computing
Service models of Cloud Computing
Deployment models in Cloud Computing
Windows Azure Features
Windows Azure platform
Various features of Windows Azure
Concepts of Windows Azure

Publishing Azure Solutions
  Azure management portal
Creating Cloud solution
Web Role
Worker Role

Azure Websites
Azure websites Vs Cloud services
Creating a website using gallery
Publishing ASP .NET website to Windows
Azure website using FTP
Using WebMatrix

Windows Azure Service Bus

Service Bus Basics
Hosting WCF service in Azure
Relayed Messaging
Service Bus Queues

Windows Azure Storage

Windows Azure SQL Database
SQL Azure architecture
Provisioning a database
Adding ASP .NET provider support
Migrating data to SQL Azure
Windows Azure Caching

Azure Access Control Service
Introduction to identity
Widows Azure Access Control Service
Integration with ASP .NET

Windows Azure Media Services
 Microsoft media platform
Build workflows for creation,
management and distribution of media

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