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App v4.6

Techrepack is loaded with a proper structure to deliver online training on Microsoft App-V 4.6 packaging that provides anywhere user access to applications that are dynamically available on any authorized PC without application installs.

The main advantage is the Virtual applications and user settings are preserved whether users are online or offline. Besides, increasing business agility through faster application deployment and updates with no user interruptions it minimizes conflicts between applications, allowing enterprises to reduce application compatibility testing time. It also houses a powerful set of tools to sequence and manage virtual applications. It has the power to integrate into System Center Configuration Manager 2007 allowing centralized management of traditional and virtualized applications.

Having known enough about Microsoft App-V 4.6 packaging, its quite common inclination to acquire the knowledge on it. Well, we appreciate the decision; Techrepack has designed a sophisticated online training on Microsoft App-V 4.6 packaging that feeds the candidates from the scratch. In the end, you will be left with abundant knowledge. The topics we cover in online training are listed below:-

  • Introduction and Architecture.
  • Planning and Installing server & client.
  • Administering server & client.
  • Planning and Deploying the Application Virtualization Sequencer.
  • Advanced Sequencing.
  • Migrating from Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 to 5.0.
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